Before You Move

Before you decide on a mover, we would like to give you some free advice. Take a look at the list below to find out what you MUST know about your mover!
1: Is the owner of our business directly involved with each move?

Layman Const. Co. and House Moving is a family owned and operated business. The owners are directly involved with the structures we move and our customers. We do not do moving “on the side”, this is our full time job. We strive to learn new techniques through classes and annual conferences.

2: Does the mover you are considering have the quality of workmanship, honesty, dependability, and reputation of professionalism?

Layman Const. Co. and House Moving have over 45 years experience in the moving industry. We strive to keep our reputation at the highest of standards by keeping our quality of workmanship superior as well as being honest, dependable, and professional on every move. We have many references that can stand behind our word. You can also take a look at our photo gallery page to see us in action.

3: Is the mover properly licensed and insured?

Layman Const. Co. and House Moving is a Tennessee state licensed structural mover and general contractor. Plus, we are fully insured which includes cargo coverage to cover the structure during the move and all of our equipment is insured for structural moving.

4: Does the mover require total or partial payment up front?

Layman Const. Co. and House Moving does not require any type of payment up front. We require a contract to be signed before we start the move, then when we raise the house off the old foundation we collect half of the contracted amount. Finally, when we level the house over the footers and have it ready for the foundation to be laid, we collect the last half of the contracted amount. You should never give a contractor of any sort the entire balance before the work is completed, because a lot of contractors will just partially complete the project or not even show up at all.

5: Does the mover have the proper equipment to move the structure?

Layman Const. Co. and House Moving strives to have the top of the line equipment in the house moving industry including a unified jacking system, heavy/strong steel, hydraulic steering dollies, and a semi truck setup for moving structures. We only use optimal moving equipment to remove as much stress as possible on every structure for a safe and efficient move.

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