Raising Buildings

Restore the foundation of your home with Layman Const. Co. and House Moving. We can replace any damaged materials and reinforce faulty areas, leaving your foundation as good as new. Do not let your home fall into disrepair with an unsound foundation due to shifting property.

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House raising is also used for moving a structure to safer flood plain guidelines. If your home experiences frequent flooding then we can solve that problem quite easily. Using our unified jacking system, your home will be carefully placed on a new, elevated and safe foundation.
Storage or additional living space is also a factor in raising a home. We can add or extend an existing basement to your exact specifications.
If you need more head room in your garage or if you have a RV that won't fit in your current garage, we can raise the roof up to fit your needs.
Ask us for more details on why house raising might be a perfect fit for you. We would be happy to assist you in order to provide the most comprehensive and competitive bid.